howdy do! you’ve reached bookfaeries the hodge podge of artsy fartsy nonsense belonging to a twenty-year old dreamer who goes by the name E. H. Taylor.

I’m a creator, loving all things made just as our Father created us! A novice writer, you’ll find plenty of my poems and short stories here. My goal is to one day become a published fantasy author, but for now, I’m sharing my little writing tidbits with you creative people! You’ll also find my journal entries here where I post the most meaningful pieces. I’m a amateur singer and actress. You’ll find several of my pictures here as well. I’m a yarn twister. I’m a science fanatic, and a teacher-in-training.

seventeen year old me when I was cast in the ensemble of beauty and the beast. I was the “I need six eggs” girl.

I’m a girl after God’s heart, and I talk about my Father quite often. I’m inspired by His created world around us, and daily I try to search Him out in the quiet. You’ll often see a post when I ramble about Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us on that cross, and friends, despite my not-so-excellently-written ramblings, all are welcome.

An early edit for @bookfaeries

I started bookfaeries in 2014 after acquiring the instagram handle. “Book” because I was (and still am) a huge book-nerd and “faeries” because they were my go to for childhood fantasies. Frequently would I run around the green grassed, butterfly laden, tree filled backyard pretending I was a wild sprite in dire need of adventure. Bookfaeries was a place where I could write about my reading adventures and post awkward fan related stuff. Slowly, I grew older, and time became filled with the chaos of honors classes in high school and plays. It seemed the childhood fantasies were drawing to a close, and so I changed my personal handle to something more adult, but kept bookfaeries for myself.

photo of me the year i started @bookfaeries (also around the time I rededicated my life to Christ), posed here beside Carrie, who would become my college roommate half a decade after.

In 2017, I began posting again, this time under the tag Candidly Florence, in honor of my hometown. I captured the childish looks in my peers faces, the nature around me, the stuff that reminded me I could always be a precious one in my Heavenly Father’s eyes. It’s in creation and creating myself that I feel the closest to God’s arms, and after a long battle with my personal mental health, pride, and control, it became an outlet for me to post pictures I took and things I wrote. It became an outlet to express myself.

Today, it’s both the name of that account and this website, where I can post my artsy goings-on. I hope you’ll join me in keeping an eye on this page and seeing where it goes. On the wings of fantasy, we can fly anywhere, and I hope you’ll enjoy my fantastical musings.

the only candid (feat. myself) of the night of my senior prom taken by my best friend Baker. Here, my friend (nicknamed Siri) and I pose as two characters from a manuscript I was writing at the time. Ironically, the two characters, Imogen and Badriyah, coordinated their dresses at court, but our dresses matched only on happy accident.