falls park

captured shots from a trip with my old roomies to falls park for a birthday celebration.

one of my favorites of roommate Bek. got her mid-sentence smiling about the water.
Kenzie feels the cool chill of the water kiss her palms. said celebration was in her honor.
Carrie and Kenzie share an embrace after settling on a rock near the middle of the river.
one of my favorite photos of all time. I don’t recall what they were cackling about, but it makes me want to laugh, too.
Bek shares one of those awesome, romantic, happy looks with her boyfriend, Cade.
this one reminds me of my adventures pretending to be a sprite as a child. there’s something about a mountainous landscape that makes me want to run away to the faeries.
embraces are some of my most favorite to photograph. here’s one that oozes joy.
I LOVE trees, so get used to seeing them 🙂
ugh, don’t ya just love love?
one of those blurry moments when you capture the ones who want so badly to remain behind the camera. cheer up, princess, show your precious face.
another view of the park.
a blurry moment in which the photographer is photographed.

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